Guidelines ✏️✔️✔️

You can share this information with your tenants/owners before our visit.

If your property is staged:

All beds must be made.

Pets must be off the picture.

Check for missing light bulbs.

Clear up the living room (no pets or personal items).

Also the kitchen (no visible products or food on the counters).

Remove magnets and pictures from the kitchen fridge.

This is important. Hide everything inside all bathrooms as toothbrushes, razors, shampoos, soaps and/or any visible personal items.

Lawn must be kept (back and front) no debris, garbage, etc.

Decoration touches around the house will be a hit (optional).

Vehicles are better off the picture.

If you want the garage in the picture, make it look clean/organized.

If your property is not staged, make sure all areas are clear from construction debris. If needed, sweep, mop and wipe down kitchen counters and cabinets, this will allow a better presentation.

NOTE: Sunny and Clear blue sky is a MUST for the best results of the project. If weather is not on our side we can reschedule the event until best weather conditions. Cloudy day can be slightly modified in post production by your request in case of an urgency. The extra workflow will be added to the invoice when completed but noticed the turnaround of this task could be extended up to 3 days or more.

Please let us know if you have any question HERE.